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Guolong Hospital Group

Yinchuan, China

In July of 2015, Ningxia Guolong Medical Development Group LTD., and PreferUS Healthcare entered into an equity partnership that has significantly expanded the capabilities of each partner. The partnership represents all three components of our product / service line offerings: consulting, management, and investment services. When PreferUS began its partnership with the Guolong Hospital Group, the Guolong consisted of two previous Yinchuan Hospitals and a hospital in Shanghai.  PreferUS has participated in the vision of Guolong's new 600-bed international standards hospital in Yinchuan. Click here to read more...

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Shanghai Gongli Hospital

Shanghai, China

In November of 2017, PreferUS Healthcare and the Shanghai Gongli Hospital entered into a partnership that will allow both entities to collaborate in the development of an advanced sports medicine center within Gongli Hospital. Click here to read more...


First Affiliated Hospital at Soochow University

Suzhou, China

PreferUS finalized its initial ‘proof of concept’ partnership with the First Affiliated Hospital of Soochow University (FAHSU) in Suzhou. This partnership resulted in a state-of-the-art VIP orthopedic center being built and opened in March 2010 with the intention of deploying the high-end PreferUS Healthcare model into the China marketplace. Click here to read more...

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Fosun - Sungin

Shanghai, China

In April of 2017, PreferUS and Sungin, a member company of the Fosun Group, announced the formation of a joint venture company. Within this joint venture company, PreferUS and Sungin have agreed to work together in utilizing each other’s strengths to create an offering of hospital management, consulting and investment services. Click here to read more...

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