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Meet Our Board of Managers

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Dr. Bruce Gewertz, M.D.

Chair, Board of Directors, PreferUS

H and S Nichols Distinguished Professor

Chair, Department of Surgery

Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs

Vice-President, Interventional Services

February 14, 2019

Overland Park, Kansas


Cedars-Sinai views our involvement with PreferUS as a key focus of our overall strategy to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships with superb colleagues and leading health care institutions in China. We will support this effort through sharing our tertiary and quaternary programs in heart disease (mechanical circulatory support, heart transplantation), vascular disease (endovascular treatment of aneurysms), sports medicine/orthopedics (including spinal disorders) and gastroenterology and GI surgery. When appropriate, we also will provide administrative consultation.

During my time as Board Chair, I have been most impressed with the remarkable pace of change in Chinese healthcare. This is evident in the upgraded inpatient and outpatient facilities I have seen and the infusion of the latest technologies and advances. We are particularly interested in blending the strengths of “Western Medicine” with the wisdom and value of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to offer the most complete and cost-effective treatments of disease.

As we continue to learn more about each other, I am confident that many more synergies will be evident to us and the experience will only grow more valuable.


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