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"Saving people is my job, but also an instinct."

Overland Park, Kansas, December 13, 2019

On a December 4th flight from Shanghai to Los Angeles, Dr. Huo Mingshun, of the Yinchuan Guolong Hospital, came to the rescue of a passenger who had fallen ill. Dr. Huo assessed the medical emergency and treated the passenger who regained consciousness shortly thereafter.

Dr. Huo was one of the first participants in the PreferUS U.S. Immersion Program. In 2017, he observed at the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, where he gained extensive knowledge in the latest advancements in cardiovascular surgery. He has since implemented that knowledge into the Yinchuan Guolong Hospital.

Dr. Huo Mingshun, cardiovascular surgeon at Yinchuan Guolong Hospital.

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