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Orthopedic Clinical Training Program

Learning to Treat Our Athletes Like the Pros. 

PreferUS proudly presents an immersive orthopedic clinical training program, made possible by our vast network of hospitals and physician investors, which facilitates the invitation of Chinese orthopedic surgeons to the United States. Within this program, participants are granted exclusive access to observe surgeries, delve into the intricacies of doctor-patient relationships, and familiarize themselves with pre-operative and post-operative protocols. While our primary focus lies within sports medicine, PreferUS ensures that training opportunities span across all orthopedic specialties, providing a comprehensive learning experience. The ultimate objective is to empower Chinese orthopedic surgeons with a deep understanding of U.S. methodologies, equipping them to seamlessly integrate these practices into their own hospital systems for overarching improvement. Through this collaborative initiative, PreferUS aims to foster cross-cultural exchange, elevate the standard of orthopedic care globally, and pave the way for innovation and excellence in the field.

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