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Bridging The Gap

Dedicated to Delivering Healthcare Excellence on a Global Scale.


Nationally & Internationally-Recognized Investor Partners


Years of Experience in China Healthcare Market


Physician Investor Partners Across the U.S.


Hospital Administrators, Doctors, and Nurses have benefitted from PreferUS' Training Program

PreferUS: At a Glance

Our Services

PreferUS offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to enhance healthcare organizations at every level. Our sports medicine services encompass specialized care for athletes and individuals, supported by physical therapy clinics, wellness centers, and both orthopedics and sports medicine clinical training programs. Additionally, our nursing training program empowers healthcare professionals with U.S.-standard expertise, while our healthcare consulting services provide strategic guidance and feasibility studies for organizational improvement. Through management consulting and U.S.-based management training at PreferUS Investor Partner institutions, we equip hospitals and healthcare organizations with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve excellence in patient care and operational efficiency.

Our Locations

China Headquarters

1809 Qixin Road, Building 8, Room 1706 
Minhang District

Shanghai, China 201101

Located in Shanghai's Minhang District, PreferUS' China headquarters serves as the primary location for both business development and management teams. 

U.S. Headquarters

8500 W. 110th Street, Suite 510

Overland Park, Kansas 66210

Located in Kansas City, PreferUS' U.S. headquarters serves as the primary location for our visiting Chinese partners to receive cultural training in preparation for their clinical and management training at a PreferUS Investor Partner site. 

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