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Oklahoma Heart Hospital

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The foundation of PreferUS was established with an initial focus on orthopedics. After spending a significant period of time to both learn the China market and understand the vast cultural differences, PreferUS began to search for other opportunities in China's healthcare environment. We recognized the similarities and synergies of the orthopedic and cardiology speciality markets and looked to partner with a prominent U.S. cardiovascular partner. 

To deliver western cardiology expertise, In January of 2014, PreferUS and the Oklahoma Heart Hospital (OHH) entered into an equity partnership. OHH serves as the primary training center for our Chinese physician partners in the areas of cardiac surgery, hospital administration and western nursing protocols. In August and December of 2015, OHH held two comprehensive training sessions for one of our China partners, Guolong Hospital Group, which focused on nursing protocols and hospital management. 

In addition to providing cardiovascular services, OHH will also contribute significantly to PreferUS’ goal of attaining the highest level of the patient satisfaction. Known for their national top 10 ranking in patient satisfaction, OHH will lead the effort to ensure that the needs of our patients are at the top of PreferUS’ priorities. 

The Oklahoma Heart Hospital and PreferUS partnership will roll out in several stages with patient satisfaction efforts occurring in phase one followed by the implementation of a cardiovascular proof of concept model deployment and ultimately realizing a commercial model launch. 

Located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OHH is a physician-owned hospital and is part of the Mercy Health System that brings world-class medical expertise in the field of cardiovascular disease. Award-winning and nationally ranked, the hospital has been named one of the 50 Top Cardiovascular Community Hospitals for the last several years. OHH operates with 145 beds and has the distinction of being the first all-digital hospital in the United States. Annually, the hospital performs over 5,000 cardiac interventions / stents and 1,600 heart surgeries. Regarding dietary education, OHH is one of four centers in the United States that offers the Pritikin Intensive Cardiac Rehab program, which provides patients with information on how to eat better and lead a healthier lifestyle. As a result of high surgical volume and expert physicians and nurses, OHH is consistently ranked in the top 1% in the United States for patient satisfaction. OHH has two locations - the North and South hospital campuses - as well as a network of more than 90 cardiovascular specialists at more than 60 clinic and hospital locations across the state.

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