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Differentiator Facts

Founded in

1992 and headquartered in Shanghai.

Named as one

of the "Most Admired Companies in China," by Fortune Magazine in 2014.

Ranked 371st

on the Forbes 2000 list, in 2020.

Located in

16 countries and is one of the largest privately-owned conglomerates in China.

Fosun logo 18.JPG

Shanghai, China

In April 2017, PreferUS and Sungin, a member company of the Fosun Group, announced the formation of a joint venture company. Within this joint venture company, PreferUS and Sungin have agreed to work together in utilizing each other’s strengths to create an offering of consulting and management services in the post acute care and senior living healthcare markets in China. These services include; 1) comprehensive assessment programs, 2) facilities planning, 3) performance improvement, 4) advanced clinical service line development, 5) management services and 6) medical tourism program services. 

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