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Differentiator Facts

First hospital

opened in 1995 located in Yinchuan with a second in Shanghai.

Yinchuan hospital

is the only facility in the Ningxia Province, with a secondary independent branch of orthopedics.

Specializes in

treating patients with scoliosis, joint replacement, complex spine & extremities fractures.

Annually treats

more than 4,500 patients, 2,100 of them being orthopedics.


Yinchuan & Shanghai, China

In July 2015, Ningxia Guolong Medical Development Group LTD., and PreferUS Healthcare entered into an equity partnership that has significantly expanded the capabilities of each partner. The partnership represents all three components of our product / service line offerings: consulting, management, and investment services. PreferUS participated and were instrumental in the vision of Guolong's new 600-bed international standards hospital in Yinchuan. Through our strong relationship with Guolong, we have been included in the site selection, analyzing & selecting the architect firm, and contributing on the design input. Additionally, PreferUS has provided training opportunities for more than 60 hospital administrators, doctors, and nurses at all four U.S. Investor Partners.

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