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Who We Are

Built on Determination, Perseverance, and the Will to Succeed. 

PreferUS Healthcare is a distinguished entity with a robust background in the healthcare sector, particularly within the dynamic landscape of China's healthcare market. With over 15 years of invaluable experience, PreferUS has deeply embedded itself in this market, gaining intricate insights and forging vital connections. Throughout its tenure, PreferUS has meticulously cultivated partnerships with private hospitals, strategically fostering relationships that have endured and grown immensely over time. Notably, it has seamlessly integrated western influence into these collaborations, enriching the healthcare landscape with global perspectives and practices.

As the representative of our esteemed investor partners, which encompass nationally and internationally- renowned institutions, notably Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the number two ranked health system in the United States, PreferUS embodies a formidable synergy of expertise and innovation within the industry. Embedded within our investor partners lies a deep and diverse pool of resources that serve as a definitive differentiator in the dynamic China healthcare market, and PreferUS stands as the conduit through which these resources are effectively leveraged.

Our primary objective remains steadfast: the establishment and promotion of a network of world-class sports medicine surgery centers throughout China, all meticulously aligned with the highest standards synonymous with U.S. healthcare excellence. This commitment to excellence forms the cornerstone of our mission to redefine the landscape of sports medicine in the region, setting new benchmarks for quality care and patient outcomes.

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