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U.S.-based Professional Training

Where East and West Best Practices Come Together.

Our U.S.-based professional training service specializes in facilitating immersive experiences for Chinese doctors, nurses, and administrators seeking to understand the intricacies of the American healthcare system. Through tailored programs conducted in the United States, participants gain invaluable insights into the best practices, technologies, and methodologies that drive success in U.S. hospitals and healthcare organizations. Our curriculum covers a wide array of topics, including patient-centric care, operational efficiency, and quality improvement, equipping attendees with the knowledge and skills to implement transformative changes upon their return to China. Leveraging partnerships with top-tier healthcare institutions and industry experts, we offer a comprehensive learning experience that blends theory with real-world application. By fostering cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, we empower Chinese healthcare professionals to adapt global best practices to the unique context of their organizations, ultimately driving improved patient outcomes and organizational performance. For more information, our list of detailed services are provided below:

  • Doctors Immersion Training in Hospitals:

  1. 3-6 months

  2. One-on-one supervising by American doctors according to specialties

  3. Learning the consulting and doctor-patient communication skills from American doctors in outpatient clinics

  4. Plenty of opportunities for surgical observation

  5. Official training certificates will be issued by hospitals


  • Management Training for Hospital Administrators

  1. Duration of 1-4 months

  2. Understand hospital culture, doctor-patient communication and teamwork in US hospitals

  3. The director of each department will teach in person about team management, clinical department operation & specialist construction

  4. Participate in senior management meetings

  • Visiting Tour for Hospital Administrators

  1. Duration of 2 weeks

  2. Customized training schedule

  3. In-person teaching and provided by Department Directors 

  4. Daily training review

  • Customized Medical English Training 

  1. Classroom lectures and on-site cultural experiences

  2. Instructed by US certified medical English translator

  3. Daily English + Medical English

  4. Targeted training materials

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