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A collection of memories from the PreferUS U.S. Immersion Program since it's 2015 inception.

Director of Marketing and Training, David Franz, presents Dr. Pan Kai Rui with his Certificate of Co
WANG + GU March 2019 Training _edited
guolong dec 2018 sim lab phx
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U.S. Training Programs

PreferUS Healthcare was built on the premise of delivering western medical expertise to the China healthcare market as well as creating strong educational platforms.  Through the disciplines of spine, sports medicine, total joints, cardiology and hospital management, PreferUS provides U.S. and China based training for our partners.

The uniqueness of our training capabilities lies within our four U.S. internationally recognized training centers (listed at bottom of page) and the deep and intimate knowledge that our China hospital group partners receive. PreferUS has secured equity partnerships with these institutions as well as our PreferUS physician investor partners who have affiliations with numerous medical facilities across the United States. 

PreferUS offers physician training in a wide range of orthopedic and cardiovascular specialties. Our China physician partners participate in 3 month, 6 month or 12-month training courses in the United States and are part of a multiple western physician rotation. With exposure to western clinical diagnosis, OR techniques and follow up activities, our China physician partners experience the full U.S. patient cycle. Follow up training in China by a visiting western physician is also performed after the China physician partner returns to China.

The importance of communication between the visiting Chinese physician partner and the western doctors is key and to help with this, PreferUS offers English training courses at their U.S. headquarters. A Certified Medical Interpreter will instruct the visiting Chinese physician partners for 2 months covering medical dialogue and simplified conversation. Our intent is to prepare the visiting Chinese physician partners for their extended training in the United States and provide the best possible experience at our PreferUS Training Centers.

PreferUS nursing training is for a shorter duration but follows a similar pattern with training on both the US and China sides to insure hands on practice.  Our management training sessions of 2 or 4 week options offer detailed study and analysis of major U.S. hospital systems and includes extensive lectures, role playing and one on one mentoring with key hospital functional area leaders.

We believe with this training component, the PreferUS Healthcare model creates a unique offering to a China healthcare market that is positioned to learn from many of the very best U.S. healthcare institutions.

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